How to Join

Unfortunately, due to a very competitive round of fall 2018 tryouts, our roster is currently full and we are unable to hold any more tryouts this semester. We look forward to seeing more of you at tryouts come Spring 2019!

What Membership Entails

Dues cover uniforms, weekly practices, court and ball access, hotels and transportation for tournaments, and some miscellaneous things.

Time Commitment

We compete in around four to six weekend-long tournaments per semester. To keep our team performing at a high level, we have three practices a week: Tuesdays 8-10PM, Thursdays 6-8PM, and Sundays 2-4PM.


As proud Trojans, we strive to leave a positive impact on others. Thus, we expect all Tournament Team members to fulfill a few volunteering requirements throughout the year. Specifics will be given to members at least one week in advance of each event.

Some Notable Results

  • 2012: 3rd place at the National Championship in Cary, NC
  • 2014: finished in the top 10 at the  National Championship in Surprise, AZ
  • 2016: finished in the top 5 at the National Championship in Cary, NC
  • 2018: 3rd place at the Spring Invitational Tournament in Surprise, AZ

Our Goal for the 2018-2019 Season

To play good tennis, be good people, get good grades, have good fun... and win Sectionals in February 2019 to secure a spot to compete in the TOC National Championship in April.

2018-2019 Roster

Graduate School

Bruce Fan, 2nd Year Law

Colton Kellogg, 1st Year Civil E

Hope Penner, 3rd Year Dental

Jessica Widmark, 1st Year PhD

Luca Marquard, 1st Year Law

Luis Gastão, 3rd Year Mech E

Zakariah Yousefivand, 1st Year Civil E


Alex Bauer

Alexis Caoili

Ben Elliot

Cameron Chin

Christine Kim

Deena Fatehi

Jae-Jae Segal

Lacy Schneemann

Lilit Oganessian

Meghedi Mooradian

Mina Sung


Adriano Saitta

Anna Donoghue

Claire Ha

Jaime Liu

Kevin Wong

Madhuri Deo

Mark Ashworth

Scott Steuart

Thomas Singleton


Amy Gaal

Aneesh Kapoor

Jack Zelezny

Maya Prakash

Meghan Acampora

Rudi Johannes


Izzy Lau

Justin Zilberstein

Lindsay Huang

Rohan Kota