Welcome to the Trojan Club Tennis! We are currently the only recreational tennis community at the University of Southern California and we welcome players of all skill levels to join us! We strive to provide a fun, exciting environment to bring together everyone who loves and appreciates the beautiful game of tennis.

If you are simply looking for a relaxed environment to improve and build your tennis game while forming new friendships, our general club would be a perfect fit for you. This is a great way to meet new people at your skill level and many other levels as well. We host mixers, lessons, hitting sessions, and tournaments throughout the year so that everyone can hit the courts!

If you were a competitive high school player or have been playing competitively at a higher level who wishes to keep competing at that level, please consider trying out for the tournament team. This team competes nationally and has consistently achieved high national standings. In 2012, we finished 3rd at the National Championships in Cary, NC, in 2014, we finished in the top 10 at the 2014 National Championships in Surprise, AZ, and this past year we finished in the top 5 at the 2016 National Champtionships in Cary, NC.

Please find more information about the general club and the tournament team in the links below. Thank you for your interest in our club, and I encourage you to get in contact with me at trojantennisclub@gmail.com for any comments, questions, and concerns!

Katrina Ho
President, Trojan Tennis Club


General Club


With beautiful weather all-year-round, Southern California is the perfect place to improve your tennis game (while getting a nice tan)! Whether or not you are new to the sport, the general club is great fit for all recreational players who are looking for opportunities to play leisurely or competitively. There are no required events for the club; we simply offer as many lessons, hitting sessions, and tournaments as we possibly can for you all to enjoy. Basically, we give you the freedom to come out and play whenever you can!

And remember, feel free to join at any time during the year! Our club welcomes all students, faculty, and other university affiliates at any skill level.

Membership Benefits

The Trojan Tennis Club is a dynamic student organization that brings together all people at USC that appreciate the game of tennis. Some of the extensive benefits of membership include:

Access to Lyon Center Tennis Courts at hitting session times: Wednesdays 8-10pm

Annual Trojan Tennis Club T-Shirt

Weekly hittings sessions

Discounted lessons

Paid entry into Trojan Tennis Club tournaments

Possible opportunity to try out for the competitive team

A network of friends to go with you to varsity tennis team matches!

Registration and Dues

To become a member of the USC Trojan Tennis Club, you must fill out the appropriate paperwork and pay your dues (as outlined below). Please note that you must wear non-marking tennis shoes at all times when using USC courts.

Dues are $30/semester or $50/year. Membership scores you all the benefits shown in the adjacent tab above! You MUST complete all steps before you can participate in any event!

To register for the club you must:


Create an account on USC IM Leagues. Make sure you are under "Clubs" and not "Intramural" and click on "Tennis." You will be asked to log in. Once logged in, please join the team and fill out the appropriate tennis waivers. DO NOT PAY ANYTHING ONLINE (if you find yourself being charged, you are most likely registering for an intramural team and NOT for the Trojan Tennis Club).


Once you have filled out the waiver and filled out the registration forms, you can drop off your dues in the form of cash or checks made payable to “USC Tennis Club.” We will be collecting before our weekly hitting sessions and lessons at the Lyon Center Tennis Courts, which we will announce soon. If you cannot make these times, please contact us and we'll make special accomodations.


We offer several events throughout the semester so that our general club members can meet new people and develop their tennis skills. These events include, but are often not limited to:

To participate in ANY event, you MUST wear non-marking tennis shoes or you will be immediately asked to leave. We need to take care of the courts. Thanks!

Lessons: Will be held contingent on Tournament Team members' availability for beginning and intermediate instruction. As a registered member, you will receive discounted lessons for around $20!

Hitting Sessions: Every week, we will have a hitting session on Wednesday nights from 8-10pm for members of the club organized by our General Club Director. This gives you all great opportunities to build new friendships while competing casually against each other. If you have something you'd like to do or work on, just let them know!

Tournaments: Trojan Tennis Club usually hosts tournament of singles and doubles per semester, depending on the overall level of the General Club.

Tournament Team


The USC tournament team of the Trojan Tennis Club participates in the USTA Tennis On Campus Southern California section. This elite team competes regularly against other teams in our section including UCLA, UCI, Cal Poly, and UCSB. The tournament team has a history of success on the national level. We finished 3rd in the 2012 National Championships in North Carolina, 10th in the 2014 National Championships in Arizona, 2nd in the 2015 Spring Invitational in Arizona, and 5th in the 2016 National Championships in North Carolina. We are looking forward to continue our success during this upcoming season!

With weekly practices and monthly tournaments, this team allows Trojans to play competitive tennis, without the obligation of a Division I schedule. If you participated in USTA sanctioned tournaments in high school, or otherwise consider yourself a competitive player, we encourage you to try out!

Please note that there are additional expenses associated with the tournament team, in addition to those associated with the general club.


If you are interested in trying out for the competitive team, please indicate this in the registration form and answer the follow-up questions honestly and truthfully. Based on your level of experience and your tennis background, we will be offering invitations to come to tryout with our team.

Tryouts will be held primarily within the first month of the semester(TBA), usually during the 2nd or 3rd week. You will be asked to do various drills and to compete in competitive match play in order for us to evaluate your game. Based on one or a few of these sessions, a select group of individuals will be invited to participate in match play with the current tournament team before final cuts are made.

While this process may sound rigorous, if you believe you are a competitive player that participated actively with your team in high school and competed strongly in USTA tournaments, we strongly encourage you to try out! We are always looking for new talent and would love to have you.

*If you have missed tryouts, please contact us. Depending on the capacity of the team at that time, we may be able to accomodate you.


In addition to three weekly practices at the Lyon Center Tennis Courts, there are regular tournaments that happen about once per month. We do not send the entire tournament team on any given weekend; the roster is based on participation at practice, availability, and tournament capacities.

The Southern California Sectionals tournament happens every year during the first weekend of February while the National Championships is held in mid-April. The State tournament (Cali-Cup) happens in the Spring, as well. Also, several schools such as Cal Poly, UCLA, Pepperdine, UCI, and UCSB host tournaments throughout the school year.


  • Katrina Ho, Sr. [President]
  • Javeed Kassam, "Chairman of the Board"
  • Claire Ha, So. [Vice President]
  • Lacy Schneemann, Jr. [Captain]
  • Jae-Jae Segal, Jr. [Captain]
  • Alexis Caoili, Jr. [Treasurer]
  • Zakariah Yousefivand, Sr. [Social Chair]
  • Hope Penner, Gr.
  • Gregory Bogie, Gr.
  • Luis Gastao, Gr.
  • Michael Basha, Gr.
  • Grace Yao, Sr.
  • Meghedi Mooradian, Sr.
  • Christopher Meyer, Sr.
  • Colton Kellogg, Sr.
  • Juan Granizo, Sr.
  • Naish Gaubatz, Sr.
  • Robert Oganessian, Sr.
  • Alexandria Bauer, Jr.
  • Christine Kim, Jr.
  • Lilit Oganessian, Jr.
  • Ben Elliot, Jr.
  • Claire Ha, So.
  • Jaime Liu, So.
  • Mark Ashworth, So.
  • Scott Steuart, So.